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Mostoriona OU is the official dealer of the Porta KMI Poland in Estonia.

Address – 13619 Tallinn. Punane Street 18 – 302. Office center Lasbet
Exhibition Porta Doors. Samples doors, promotional materials, catalogs printed in English.
Working time 10:00 – 18:00. Open on Saturday 11:00 – 15:00.
Office phone (+372) 6688 503, e-mail: /sp@doors.ee/
Bus stop. Buses 7, 13, 31 and 50.

Terms of purchase and delivery
Invoice prepayment is 50% — We sent an order for production.
Production and delivery to the warehouse takes about 5-6 weeks.
After the arrival of goods at the warehouse the customer is notified.
The buyer after full payment is received doors.
Release of goods from our warehouse available by arrangement with the customer on any day.
Please do not forget documents and invoice at home!
Transportation of new products without documentation is a violation of law.
In cases where the buyer does not have time to repair or build a house, paid doors can be stored for free.
Do not store your wooden doors in damp places and unfinished construction sites!
In some cases supply of goods to the customer produces logistics company.