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About us

Mostoriona OU operates in Estonia since 1993 in the field of trade. Since 2000, imports and sells wooden doors. Increased demands on the quality of doors led to cooperation with the Polish-American company Porta KMI Poland. Mostoriona OU many years is the only authorized dealer of Porta KMI in Estonia with a reputation as a reliable partner.

Company Porta KMI Poland founded in 1992 by Polish and American capitals. It is the market leader and the largest manufacturer of doors for various purposes in Poland. Produces more than a million doors per year, which are sold in 30 countries through a network of dealers only. Production lines of its factories allow to produce advanced products in accordance with the highest quality management certificate ISO 9001.

Six of our advantages

+ Extensive experience in the sale of doors!! Direct deliveries without intermediaries. Buyer can be sure to get the doors in the stipulated time.
+ Warranty up to 5 years!All doors have a Technical Certificate and Warranty Booklet. In rare cases, factory defects, change door for free.
+ Doors with wear-resistant coating! Excellent protection from cats and children.
+ Many types and designs of door frames of varying heights and standards! Pick up doors to different doorways. Fewer repairs and debris.
+ Always the newest models of doors, new colors! Offer a unique opportunity to keep abreast of fashion.
+ Full complete and ready for installation! All parts made with great precision at the factory. Doors are easy to assemble. This ensures accuracy, good insulation and the absence of slots.

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